Fraxel Laser Treatment in Sydney NSW

Combat the signs of ageing and enhance the appearance of your skin

Achieving a more youthful appearance and enhancing your natural beauty is a common goal. Fraxel laser treatment is an effective solution, able to improve the skin and combat the signs of ageing.
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Fraxel is a well-known name in cosmetic rejuvenation, designing fractional lasers with high success rates and for lasting results.

Dr. Adam Najem offers two types of Fraxel laser treatment, to combat the signs of ageing and enhance the appearance of your skin.

What is Fraxel Laser Treatment?

Fraxel laser treatment targets two common skin complaints with its cutting-edge fractional laser resurfacing:

  • Discoloured skin arising from sun-exposure, age spots, or pigmentation
  • Wrinkles and lines arising from poor skin or lack of collagen due to natural ageing

Microscopic laser columns penetrate a fraction of the skin, before becoming absorbed by the flesh’s water molecules. Next, this is converted into heat, leading to small contained points of thermal coagulation (known as microscopic thermal zones, or MTZ).

This process stimulates the body to begin healing, replacing those cells which are old and / or damaged. This can reduce scars (including those caused by acne) and create new collagen.

In short, the procedure basically creates an effective rejuvenating process.

Because of the lasers’ fractionated design, those uninjured areas of the skin which don’t need treatment are left untouched. The lasers’ safety is improved, which enables treatment of various skin types, including darker tones.

The two types of Fraxel lasers available are based on different wavelengths: 1550nm and 1927nm.

The 1550nm laser penetrates the skin deeply, and can treat scars, wrinkles, lines, and stretch marks. This can enhance skin tone too.

The 1927nm laser focuses on the skin’s surface only, to reduce sun spots, sun-damaged areas, pigmentation, enlarged pores, and fine lines.

What Does Fraxel Laser Treatment Involve?

The Fraxel laser treatment begins with the application of a topical anaesthetic for one hour ahead of the procedure itself, using a comfortable wrap.

Your face will be cleaned, and the laser treatment will begin. This takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

There is a risk that the procedure may lead to mild discomfort, though it’s uncommon. Dr. Adam Najem can offer ‘happy’ gas throughout upon request, to alleviate any possible discomfort.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Adam Najem?

Fraxel lasers are proven to be effective in treating a variety of skin complaints, and results are often noticeable within one week of recovery.

Fraxel laser treatment has been shown to:

  • Tighten skin on the face and neck
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reduce the size of your pores
  • Improve texture of the skin
  • Clearing precancerous sun spots
  • Get rid of unattractive pigmentation


Dr. Adam Najem is experienced and well-trained in the use of Fraxel laser treatment. He will discuss the procedure in-depth during your consultation, explore your goals, and identify the best Fraxel laser treatment for you.

If you want to know more about our Fraxel laser treatment, book your free consultation now.

Common FAQ's About Fraxel Laser Treatment


Fraxel laser treatment has been shown to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and pores, enhance skin texture and eliminate undesirable pigmentation (to name just a few benefits).

However, what risks should you consider?

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Changes to skin color

After the treatment, you may need to take over-the-counter pain medication. New skin usually forms to cover the areas treated following one or two weeks, and you will be unable to apply cosmetics during this time.

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Disclaimer: Prior to considering any cosmetic surgery procedure, it is advised that you learn about the procedure from your cosmetic surgeon. When you visit the clinic, Dr Adam Najem will explain the procedure to you including the risks involved and the realistic results that could be obtained from the procedure.
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